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The lewis structure of carbon dioxide CO2

lewis structure of CO2 (carbon dioxide)

The Answer

Lewis dot structure is defined as the structure which denotes the valence electrons around the elements. The electrons are represented as dots in the structure.

Carbon dioxide is the gas which is made by the combination of carbon and oxygen element.

The electronic configuration of carbon = 1s^22s^22p^21s22s22p2

This has 4 valence electrons.

The electronic configuration of oxygen = 1s^22s^22p^41s22s22p4

This has 6 valance electrons.

Hence, 2 oxygen atoms are required to complete the octet of one carbon atom.

The lewis structure of CO2 looks something like that.....

Carbon (C)is at the center...
From Carbon, draw a two lines to each of the two Oxygen (O) atoms surrounding it. Each of the two lines look like a long equal ( == ) sign.

Each line symbolizes one bond.
Because there is a double bond from one carbon to EACH of the oxygen atoms, we draw a double bond.

And for EACH oxygen atom, draw four (4) dots around; each dot symbolizes one (1) electron.

here is a GOOD picture of CO2's Lewis structure