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At the incident scene, who handles media inquiries

At the incident scene, who handles media inquiries

A. Media Relations Specialist
B. Public Information Officer
C. Liaison Officer
D. Communications Office

The Public Information Officer is responsible for developing and releasing information about the incident to the news media, to incident personnel, and to other appropriate agencies and organizations.

Which of the following is NOT an example of CUI?

Only one Public Information Officer will be assigned for each incident. The Public Information Officer may have Assistants, as necessary, and the Assistants may represent assisting agencies or jurisdictions.

Reasons to designate a Public Information Officer include:

  • The presence of an obvious high visibility or sensitive incident.
  • Media demands for information are reducing Incident Commander effectiveness.
  • Media capabilities to acquire their own information are increasing.
  • Reduces the risk of multiple sources releasing information.
  • Need to alert, warn or instruct the public.