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What is the role of emerging technology in cloud computing?

What is the role of emerging technology in cloud computing?

The Answer

Cloud computing can be defined as an application of various computing resources as a service with the help of different networks, especially over the internet. The internet is conceptualized as cloud thus this is termed as cloud computing.

Emerging technologies have played a very vital role in the emergence and popularity of cloud computing. They play the following roles:-

Different technologies are being developed in order to facilitate the on demand self-service in which the user can access the various resources whenever they want to.

There are new technologies which facilitate the resource pooling. For example, a certain server can be fragmented into several small servers which can be used as individual servers by the various users located in remote location.

These technologies have significantly improved the agility as these resources are distributed resource thus the users can access it whenever they want without taking the permission of any person.  

With the help of standard network or internet access mechanism remote locations, independent use by the diverse platform is facilitated.